Andrew Bird - Echolocations: River [LP]



Andrew Bird - Echolocations: River [LP]

Editorial Reviews
Recorded under the Hyperion bridge in Los Angeles's Atwater Village, 'Echolocations: River' is the second piece in a series of short films and recordings documenting site specific compositions. Performed by Andrew Bird and filmed by Tyler Manson in remote and acoustically interesting natural and urban environments, the first installment, 'Echolocations: Canyon,' was released in 2015.

A1: The Cormorants
A2: Ellipses
A3: Lazuli Bunting
A4: Gypsy Moth
B1: Black-Crowned Night-Heron
B2: Down Under the Hyperion Bridge
B3: Dear Killdear
B4:The Green Heron

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