Buck Owens - Buck Owens [LP] (Capitol Records 75th Anniversary)



Buck Owens - Buck Owens [LP] (Capitol Records 75th Anniversary)

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This is a reissue of Buck's debut album, originally issued on Capitol in 1961. Featuring Owens' early development of the Bakersfield sound, this opening salvo sports his early hits "Above and Beyond," "Under Your Spell Again," and "Second Fiddle." Standard weight vinyl. Reissued to mark Capitol Records 75th Anniversary.

A1: Above And Beyond
A2: Second Fiddle
A3: Tired Of Livin'
A4: I Gotta Right To Know
A5: Excuse Me
A6: I'll Give My Heart To You
B1: Under Your Spell Again
B2: My Everlasting Love
B3: Take Me Back Again
B4: Til These Dreams Come True
B5: Walk The Floors
B6:I'll Take A Chance On Loving You

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