Caroline Cannonball Custom Art Distortion

New Highly Limited Etched Caroline Cannonball:
Many people have reached out to the leadership at this small batch distortery asking about making more custom shop Cannonballs ever since it was revealed that Jason Isbell used it on the "Flying over Water" solo. For this first highly limited batch, they called their old friends and etching experts at Main Ace Effects. They've collaborated in the past and it was a natural fit when the time came to recreate these pedals. Tonally, these pedals are the perfect/flexible solution for a work-horse distortion; they are thick and heavy but still retain complete clarity when playing open chords so your high notes will never get washed out by your low notes. It's also very responsive to how you play. Add the fun of the momentary havoc switch with this amazing aesthetic and you have a unique work of art that looks almost as good as it sounds.