Chuck Berry - One Dozen Berrys [LP]



Chuck Berry - One Dozen Berrys [LP]

Rumble Records present a reissue of Chuck Berry's One Dozen Berrys, originally released in 1958. The original rocker himself, the late Mr. Chuck Berry's One Dozen Berrys was his second long player. Without this record and this great artist, there are no Beatles, no Rolling Stones, no Who, no Zombies, no Sex Pistols, no Sonics, no rock and roll at all. Singer, songwriter, and guitarist, Chuck Berry was the full package and this classic LP features such all-timers as "Sweet Little Sixteen", "Reelin And Rockin", "Rock And Roll Music", and a whole lot more. Chuck Berry is a true originator, and this is one of the finest LPs of his storied career.

1 Sweet Little Sixteen
2 Blue Feeling
3 La Jaunda (Espaol)
4 Rock at the Philharmonic
5 Oh Baby Doll
6 Guitar Boogie
7 Brown Eyed Handsome Man
8 Reelin and Rockin
9 In-Go
10 Rock & Roll Music
11 How You've Changed
12 Low Feeling
13 It Don't Take But a Few Minutes
14 You Can't Catch Me

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