Danelectro Roebuck Pedal



Danelectro Roebuck Pedal

SKU: Roe-1


A reimagining of a Japanese-made MOSFET distortion pedal from the 1990s. You can find the originals in the rigs of top Nashville session players. This multifaceted distortion/overdrive stompbox includes a wide-ranging 3-band EQ, along with a 3-way clipping mode switch. With three clipping modes to choose from, you can achieve sounds with the Roebuck that the original MOSFET distortion couldn’t come close to.


Pedal Type: Distortion
Analog/Digital: Analog
Inputs: 1 x 1/4"
Outputs: 1 x 1/4"
Bypass Switching: Buffered
EQ: 3-band EQ
Controls: 3-way Clipping Switch
Power Source: 9V DC power supply (sold separately)
Height: 1.62"
Width: 2.37"
Depth: 4.62"
Weight: 0.57 lbs
Manufacturer Part Number: ROE-1

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