Dunlop 475P300 Big Stubby Guitar Picks - 6 Pack



Dunlop 475P3.0 Big Stubby Guitar Picks - 6 Pack 

Beefy, Ergonomically Contoured Pick Provides Exceptional Grip

The Big Stubby from Dunlop fits the name. This beefy, ergonomically contoured pick is made from ultra-tough Lexan plastic and provides the kind of grip that lets you attack the strings as aggressively as you want without the fear of slippage. Many guitarists here at Sweetwater who play heavier genres keep a collection of Big Stubbys in their pick aresenal.

Dunlop Big Stubby 3mm Guitar Picks Features:

  • Ergonomically contoured pick provides awesome grip
  • Made from ultra-tough Lexan plastic for long life
  • Ideal for heavier styles of play

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