Elton John - Madman Across The Water [LP] (2016 remaster)



Elton John - Madman Across The Water [LP] (2016 remaster)

Editorial Reviews
This was the last album to feature John's regular touring band on only a single song. As with all John's songs during this period, the lyrics were penned by his writing partner, Bernie Taupin. Madman Across the Water was certified Multi-Platinum in 1998, representing shipments of over 2 million units in the US. ÿThe album featured the hit singles `Levon' and one the Elton's biggest career singles to date, `Tiny Dancer'.

Track Listings
1. Tiny Dancer - Side A
2. Levon - Side A
3. Razor Face - Side A
4. Madman Across The Water - Side A
5. Indian Sunset - Side B
6. Holiday Inn - Side B
7. Rotten Peaches - Side B
8. All The Nasties - Side B
9. Goodbye - Side B

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