Franklin GLC-CH-CH 3" Chocolate Link Glove Leather Guitar Strap



Franklin GLC-CH-CH Chocolate 3" Link Glove Leather Guitar Strap

Link Glove Leather Handmade Guitar Strap
Color: Chocolate
Width: 3"

This unique Link construction technique creates a strap body that has four layers of thick leather with a decorative leather tie that bonds the body to a smooth, double-ply glove leather end tab. The feel is soft and supple.

This handmade link style provides some give without being too elastic. This helps absorb any shock to your shoulder as you move around the stage.

3” Leather Links
Adjusts from approximately 39” to 58”

WEIGHT: 9.9825312405343 oz
COLOR: Chocolate
WIDTH: 2", 3"

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