Gallien-Krueger FUSION 500S 500 Watt Ultra Light Bass Amp Head



Gallien-Krueger FUSION 500S 500 Watt Ultra Light Bass Amp Head



Feather Weight

With its switch mode power supply and Aluminum chassis, the MB Fusion 500 weighs in at only 4.5 lbs (2kg).

Tube Warmth

Three 12AX7 tubes deliver the perfect blend of classic tube response and the timeless “Variable Q” equalizer design from the 800RB.

Dual Channel Flexibility

Foot switchable channel switching for on the fly volume boost or additional grind.

Ultra Portable Power

Drops into your gig bag for effortless transport to travel dates, rehearsals and enough power for even large venues.


Balanced DI with Pre/Post and Ground Lift  switches to feed the house, Foot Switch Jack, Tuner output, FX Loop for connecting outboard accessories, Headphone Output for silent practice, Line Out plus “Chain Out” to drive GK’s MBP powered cabinets. Two twist lock speaker connectors ensure reliable and safe cabinet connections.



High Voltage Tubes

The signal path for gain, EQ, contour and the DI are 100% tube driven, achieving classic tube performance with 300V plates.

Variable Q Tube Equalizer

Inherited from the 800RB, this unique tube design varies the EQ bandwidth to retain a musical response even at extreme settings.

High Tech Power

Switch mode power amp and supply deliver a crushing 500 Watts of cool running power.

Intelligent Cooling

Temperature controlled fans keep the amplifier cool delivering only the required amount of air, reducing noise and dust intake.


Thoughtful handle design protects the front panel controls.  Internal sensing circuitry will indicate problems on the power switch ring. Blue is good!   


10.75 x 10 x 1.75"
4.5 LBS

12AX7 300V PLATE

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