Gallien-Krueger Legacy 800 Bass Amp Head



Gallien-Krueger Legacy 800 - 800 watt Ultra Light Bass Amplifier Head




We have avoided putting a sound effect into the amplifier that may be out of style next year. Instead we use two selected field effect stages configured to optimize the Gate Induced Valve Effect (G.I.V.E.) first pioneered in the 800RB. This can be adjusted to fatten up your sound or to produce heavy overdrive. We have added an edge control to help you shape the sound to your situation.

Universal Power

Legacy heads operate from 100V to 240V, 50/60Hz mains, so you can take them anywhere in the world and simply plug in. No converters or special supplies required.

Status Indicators

Status indicators tell you if there is a shorted output (oc) or over heated (ot) condition. Also, the standby indicator (stby) shows white when the power is off indicating the mains supply is good. If the input is overdriven the clip indicator will flash red.

Comprehensive I/O

Legacy heads come with a complete patch bay. The balanced DI has selectable Pre/Post and ground lift switches. Phones and Aux In are 1/8” jacks to accommodate the most common jacks used for these features. Tuner, Footswitch, Send and Return are all ¼” to better accommodate these connections. The included Footswitch turns the Overdrive Chanel on and off.

Four-Band EQ

All GK amplifiers use a proprietary active, variable Q, serial four band equalizer, the Legacy is no exception. This type of equalization is unique to GK amplifiers and it produces an extremely wide range of usable tone settings. To further enhance the equalizer range, we have added three voicing filters Bump, contour and Presence, activated with toggle switches.

Trim Control

To get the best match between your instrument and the Legacy we have included an adjustable input trim control. When this is adjusted so the clip light only flashes occasionally you have the perfect setup for your instrument.


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