Golden Gate SG-5503 Standard Leather Mandolin Strap – Ebony Black



Golden Gate SG-5503 Standard Leather Mandolin Strap – Ebony Black

SKU: SG-5503

When it comes to choosing the right strap for your musical instrument, there is no reason to settle for anything less than a Golden Gate Standard Leather Instrument Strap. Made from quality Brazilian leather that’s designed to get better with age – each strap is likely to be one of the last straps you will ever own! They are comfortable to wear, reliably secure, and infinitely adjustable to most folks; assuring that a when you strap a new Golden Gate Standard Strap to your favorite Banjo, Guitar or Mandolin – rest assured that your instrument is where it needs to be – in the perfect position to start picking.

- Select Brazilian leather for comfort, reliability and durability

- Expertly tanned exterior for a smooth finish; with uncoated interior that helps keep the strap in position

- Fully adjustable, ladder-design provides a wide range of adjustments to accommodate any individual

- Adjustment Range: 34″ to 41″

- Attaches around scroll, or behind the nut at the peghead

- Nickel-plated buckle for length adjustment

- Color options include: Warm mahogany, Rich walnut, and Classic ebony

- Available for: Banjo, Guitar or Mandolin

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