Greensky Bluegrass - If Sorrows Swim [2LP]



Greensky Bluegrass - If Sorrows Swim [2LP]

Editorial Reviews
The five members of Greensky Bluegrass have forged a defiant, powerful sound that, while rooted in classic stringband Americana, extends outwards with a fearless, exploratory zeal. The tension and release between these components tradition and innovation, prearranged songs and improvisation, acoustic tones and electric volume is what makes them so thrillingly dynamic, in concert and on record. In theory, Hoffman explains, greensky is the complete opposite of bluegrass. So, by definition, we are contrasting everything that isn t bluegrass with everything that is.

That their sound is so seamless, so organic, is testament to Greensky s enduring vision and tireless dedication. Since their first rumblings at the start of the millennium, they have emerged as relentless road warriors, creating a captivating live show while at the same time developing a knack for evocative, disarming songcraft.

A1 Windshield
A2 Burn Them
A3 A Letter To Seymour
B1 In Control
B2 The Four
B3 Worried About The Weather
C1 Forget Everything
C2 Kerosene
C3 Wings For Wheels
D1 Demons
D2 Leap Year
D3 Just Listening

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