On-Stage Stands ASVS6-B Microphone Pop Filter



On-Stage Stands ASVS6-B Microphone Pop Filter

6" Pop Blocker

  • Same design as ASVS4-B, but with a 6" voice screen.
  • 6" screen reduces undesirable vocal pops and hisses
  • Improves the sound quality of vocal recordings
  • Protects mic from moisture produced by singing
  • Base quickly and securely clips to a mic stand or boom

Prevent undesirable vocal plosives for improved recording quality with our adjustable ASVS6-B 6" Pop Blocker. The micro-weave nylon-screen filter inhibits pops and hisses without disrupting vocal tone. A clothespin-style clip quickly and easily attaches the pop blocker to mic stands and a flexible gooseneck enables precise positioning of the screen between the mic and vocalist


Brand Name: On-Stage Stands
Model Number: ASVS6-B
TMP Item #:: 12493
Series Name::
UPC / EAN: 659814061914
Namm Category Name: Audio Accessories
Short Description: 6" Pop Blocker
Application: Improves vocal recordings
Diameter: 6"
Clamp: Clothespin Style
Construction: Nylon Screen
Color: Black

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