Petty John Electronics Chime Overdrive - USED



Petty John Electronics Chime Overdrive - USED

From the Beatles to the Yardbirds, from Radiohead to most churches on a Sunday morning, Everyone loves that Vox-y crunch; a bell like chime with that in-your-face attitude. The CHIME can take you to “where the streets have no name”, over to “strawberry fields” or even sailing “the seven seas of Rhye.


9V Operation – Up or Down on the Clip mini toggle. Get to know the relationship between the Boost and Drive knobs, there is a world of tone locked inside this pairing. Saturating this pedal only makes it better and better. Don’t be afraid to utilize your guitar’s volume and tone knobs.


18V Operation – Great as a pre-amp for a delay. Even better as a front end boost to your amp. Maybe find yourself lowering the Boost knob while increasing the Level. Move the Clip toggle to just the LED (middle position) as a great always-on pedal. Play with the Tilt EQ to clean up your amp’s saggy low-end or tame a brittle top end without loosing clarity and punch.

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