Pigtronix PWM Space Rip Analog Synthesizer Guitar Pedal



Pigtronix PWM Space Rip Analog Synthesizer Guitar Pedal


Space Rip is an analog synth pedal featuring pulse width modulated (PWM) sawtooth and square wave voices in multiple octaves. A state-of-the-art tracking engine allows Space Rip to keep up with your fastest single note lines, replicating both pitch and dynamics. Sounds like tearing the fabric of spacetime in half. Pulse width of the square and sawtooth waveforms produced by the onboard VCO is kept in a state of flux, generating constant harmonic motion controlled by the Rate knob. The Sub knob adds an additional voice one octave down from the input signal, while the Octave switch drops the entire synth down an additional octave, producing a devastating amount of pure analog synth bass. Runs on standard 9VDC.

Rate: Controls the speed of the waveform’s motion. The pulse width of these waveforms is produced by the onboard VCO being kept in a state of flux.
Tune: Sets the fine tuning of the synth voices.
Mix: Sets the blend between clean and synth sounds.
Sub: Adds an additional voice one octave down from the input signal.
Octave: Drops the entire synth sound down an additional octave. Can be devastating.
Shape: Changes the waveform from a sawtooth to a square wave, or vice versa.

The Space Rip outputs a choice of sawtooth or square waves that constantly undulate in and out like an accordion. This is accomplished through a type of synthesis called Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). The Rate knob controls the speed of an onboard LFO which continuously alters the waveshape of both oscillators to create an ultra-thick analog sound inspired by high-end, vintage synthesizers.

Choose your analogy—ripping open the night sky, a zipper the size of a galaxy, the cosmos tearing itself in half like its telophasing in mitosis—point is, it sounds wild.

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