USED Squire Jaguar 2015 White SN: ICS15059673 MK-CON



USED Squire Jaguar 2015 White SN: ICS15059673 MK-CON

The Squier Classic Vibe ‘60s Jaguar harkens back to this stunning short scale’s heyday in the 1960s, more than delivering on both vintage-style looks and tone! This guitar’s lightweight poplar body sports the iconic Jag body — a style that Sweetwater guitarists find to be one of the most comfortable shapes around, both sitting and standing. Couple that with the Classic Vibe ‘60s Jaguar’s short 24-inch scale length and comfortable “C”-shape neck, and this 6-string offers premium playability at a wallet-friendly price. Fans of the Jag’s chimey, percussive sound will love how the Fender Designed Alnico Single-coil pickups deliver authentic jag tone, complete with a period-correct setup of a dark rhythm circuit and cutting strangle switch. Finally, no offset is complete without a floating vibrato, providing a smooth, vocal-like warble that’s graced the tracks of countless surf, indie rock, and shoegaze albums.

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