Suhr 02-PT2-0002 PT15IR 120V Pete Thorn Signature Amp Head w/ Slip Cover & Footswitch



Suhr PT15IR 120V Pete Thorn Signature Amp Head


The PT15 I.R. is the world’s first truly hybrid amplifier, marrying classic tube circuitry with a reactive load and digital impulse response technology.With the PT15 I.R. we set out to combine the strengths of both analog and digital to create something new. The addition of a built-in Reactive Load and on-board impulse responses, make using a speaker cabinet optional for recording, or feeding front of house with a studio quality mic’ed up tone. Also included is a headphone output and auxiliary input to practice and jam along with your favorite tracks, wherever you are.The all-tube three channel design offers a plethora of American and British tones, powered by a new 6V6 driven power section. The dynamics, overdrive, saturation and harmonics that we crave as tonal purists, is all here. By adding channel assignable IRs, you now have unprecedented versatility and control over your tone, expanding your choices more than ever before.

ALL-TUBE DESIGN For over 10 years Pete Thorn and John Suhr have been partners in tone. The PT15 is their latest creation, representing countless hours of refinement. At its heart, PT15 is an all-tube amplifier with a newly designed 6V6 power section. This new power section is incredibly tone-full, punchy, and dynamic. Headroom is something very important in a 15-watt amp, so the power section has been optimized to provide surprising levels of volume even for clean tones. The PT15 I.R. has no digital circuitry in the audio path, it’s 100% tube tone. Digital processing is only applied to the I.R. output.


PT15 I.R. marries the best of what analog and digital have to offer. Equipped with our industry-standard reactive load, PT15 I.R. can be safely operated with no speaker connected. Impulse Responses are the most accurate way of replicating the sound of a speaker cabinet and microphone, virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. Use the line output to get huge mic’ed-up tone directly into your DAW, PA, or headphones.


PT15 I.R. features channel-assignable impulse responses which are a breakthrough for live performance, letting you change the cabinet I.R. along with the channels of the amp. You can choose to play the amp silently on stage, or have a cabinet for stage volume while using the I.R. output to avoid the hassle, inconsistency, and bleed from mic’ing a cabinet. In the studio, you have the option of using the line output without an I.R. which gives you the flexibility to process impulse responses in your DAW.

Pre-loaded with authentic Suhr cabinets.

The PT15 I.R. comes loaded with 16 impulse responses of Suhr speaker cabinets. Six of the impulse responses are custom blends made by Pete Thorn himself. Because it is an open system, you can also load your own third-party IRs into the amplifier via USB.Each of the three amp channels can be assigned its own unique impulse response. This means, for example, you could assign an open back 2×12 to your clean channel and two different closed-back 4x12s for your lead channels. It’s like bringing an arsenal of cabinets to the gig.

The best partner in the bedroom.

…or any room, really.Simply connect your headphones to the front of the amp, select an IR, and practice silently with no speaker cabinet required. Connect any stereo 1/8″ audio source to the AUX IN connection and you’ll hear the IR processed signal along with your backing tracks through the headphones.

PT15 I.R.PT15
OUTPUT: 15 watts
FRONT PANEL: Input, Aux Input, Headphone Input, IR Level, (CH1) Bright
Switch, Gain 1, Bass, Treble, Level 1, (CH 2/3): Bright 2/3 Switch, Gain 2,
Gain 3, Bass, Middle, Treble, Level 2, Level 3, Channel Select Switch, I.R.
Bank Select Button, I.R. Cab Select Button, I.R. LEDs, Power & Stand By
BACK PANEL: H.T. Fuse, Mains Fuse, Mains Input, Reactive Load Parallel
Output, Reactive Load Disconnected Output, Impedance Selector, FX Loop
Send, FX Loop Return, Footswitch (TRS) jack, Balanced/Unbalanced Line
Out, I.R. Filter Bypass Button, USB Jack
TUBES: 2 x 6V6GT (Power Section), 5 x 12AX7
FX LOOP: Tube driven, buffered
MAINS FUSE: T1.5A/250V (Slo-Blo) - 100/120VAC

T.75A/250V (Slo-Blo) - 230/240VAC
H.T. FUSE: F.5A/250V (Fast-Blo)
I.R. FORMAT: WAV, Mono, 24bit, 48kHz, 20.5 ms
(I.R.s greater than 20.5 ms will be truncated to 20.5 ms)
DIMENSIONS: 20.5" (W) x 8.25” (D) x 9.25” (H)
WEIGHT: 24.7 lbs

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