Suhr 04-SHP-0016 SSH Plus 53mm Bridge Humbucker Pickup- Zebra



Suhr 04-SHP-0016 SSH Plus 53mm Bridge Humbucker Pickup- Zebra

Our most popular humbuckers. The SS, or single screw, series of pickups feature the classic, authentic combination of a single row of adjustable screw pole pieces, and a row of slug pole pieces. These pickups offer the warmth of a vintage humbucker with increased clarity and definition and range in output from vintage to hot.

A true high output humbucker, the SSH+ covers a broad musical base with musicality, punch, authority, and tone. The pickup exhibits excellent harmonic content, lots of midrange and a focused low end. Well suited for classic rock or metal.

Spacing: 53mm
Magnet: Alnico V
DC Resistance: ~ 17K~
Hook Up Wire: 4-Conductor
Color: Reverse Zebra

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