Black Keys, The - Rubber Factory [LP] (180 Gram, download)

The Black Keys - Rubber Factory [LP] (180 Gram, download)

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On 180-gram vinyl, with a download code. Mighty 2004 album from the beaut blues duo outta Akron! Includes "10am Automatic" and "Till I Get My Way".

A1: When The Lights Go Out
A2: 10 A.M. Automatic
A3: Just Couldn't Tie Me Down
A4: All Hands Against His Own
A5: The Desperate Man
A6: Girl Is On My Mind
B7: The Lengths
B8: Grown So Ugly
B9: Stack Shot Billy
B10: Act Nice And Gentle
B11: Aeroplane Blues
B12: Keep Me
B13: Till I Get My Way

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