H.B.E. THC Chorus Guitar Pedal - Used



H.B.E. THC Chorus Guitar Pedal - Used

SKU: H.B.E. THC Used


The THC is a warm, thick and rich all analog chorus. True bypass switching along with depth, speed and width controls make this a truly great sounding and versatile chorus pedal. The width control physically changes the distance between wave forms, adding a whole new dimension to the chorus effect!

- Input-Instrument in. Unplug when not in use to conserve battery life.

- Out-Out to amp

- 9VDC jack-for use with -(Negative) center, 9VDC, filtered, and regulated power supply.

- Depth-Controls amount of chorus level. Turn down for light subtle effect, turn up for thick rich chorus.

- Speed-Controls how fast the chorus is moving. LED will flash to indicate speed.

- Width-Controls how far and wide the chorus changes. Adds a dimension and wetness to the chorus. CAUTION: Use this control in moderation as higher settings may induce noise.

Homebrew Electronics, Inc. is owned by Joel Weaver. It's a small company (Joel, his wife and two employees) located in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

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